The 2874 Trust has been formed to ensure the restoration and then operation of the ex Great Western Railway 2-8-0 heavy freight locomotive number 2874. The loco was built in 1918 to a Churchward design and remained in service until 1963.

We will be using our restoration project to provide training in heritage engineering skills for those new to the sector and development opportunities for the more experienced volunteer - in this way we will help ensure the expertise to restore, maintain and operate historic steam locos is secured so that future generations can enjoy some of Britain's industrial heritage.

The loco has stood idle for over 50 years but we aim to give it a new life working on Heritage Railways and so give pleasure to the thousands of passengers who each year enjoy the sight, sounds and smell of steam power.

Our aim is to ensure that everyone who assists in the restoration either physically or with other support gains both satisfaction and enjoyment from the experience, we hope you enjoy learning something about heritage engineering and our loco from this website..

Click here to read background information on the volunteer Trustees and our President

Latest News


19 June 2022

We asked a while ago for nominations for The 2874 Trust in Ecclesiastical Insurance's "Movement for Good" and many of our supporters went on-line and did so. Thanks to those nominations and to...


29 May 2022

      On 29th to 31st July we will be at the Summer Heritage Diesel Gala, again at Toddington Full details HERE   We will also be attending the model...


15 May 2022

In 2019 we held a very successful heritage engieering skills event which was to demonstrate the skills needed to both restore and operate historic steam and diesel locomotives. Sadly, we...

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